Compress Image to 20 KB Online free

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You can use this tool to convert JPG/JPEG images that are less than 20 KB in size online. Simply select the image you want to compress, and it will be automatically compressed to a size of 20 KB or less. Once the image has been reduced, you will see a preview of your image as well as other details such as image size before and after compression, making it easier to understand the image's required details. Now download the JPEG image You can adjust the slider to reduce the size of your image even more.

How to compress image to 20kb?

  • Select your Image file, that you want compress.
  • This online compressor will reduce your Image below upto 20 KB.
  • you can resize image by entering width and height in dimension section.
  • Finally, you can download file to your computer, smart phone or any device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I convert a JPEG image to 20kb?

Just upload your file to the Compress image to 20kb online tool, it begins processing your image and automatically resizes the dimensions, reducing the file size to 20kb.

Is it safe to use it to reduce the image file size?

Yes, our 20kb image compression webapp is completely secure and works with https. After 1 hour, all of your files are automatically deleted.