Compress Image to 60 KB Online

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compress JPG image to 60kb is a free web-based photo reduction application. It can be reduce your jpg, png, jpeg, bmp, heif, heic, and webp picture size to less than 60kb. and also assists in determining the dimensions of images that are suitable for achieving the desired memory size. This tool works with a photograph's quality factor and directly sets the image compression quality to produce the ideal size of 60kb image.

How to compress my images below up to 60KB?

  • Select image file like JPG or PNG, that you want to compress to 60kb size in online.
  • using this photo optimizer, you can resize or reduce the size of images to below max upto 60 kb.
  • A compressed picture with a file size of 60kilobytes is now available for download to your computer or mobile device.