Compress JPEG Images to 150 KB Online


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How to compress JPEG to 150kb?

If you want to reduce the size of your image file to under 150kb, you've come to the right place. Yes, offers JPEG image compression up to 150kb for free. Simply select the JPEG file that you want to compress to a size of up to 150kb, Adjust quality compression slider or directly enter 150. Our system will begin compressing your JPG image up to the 150 kb without losing quality..

If a user uploads a high-resolution image, the image's dimensions will be reduced or convert to fit a final image output of 150kb. To achieve the 150kb JPG photo size, this optimization tool employs the most up-to-date image compression algorithms.

Steps to Reduce JPG image to 150kb size online?

  • For Resize image, select and upload the JPG file on this Compress JPEG to 150kb webapp tool.
  • Our online optimizer, reduce your JPG image to 150kb.
  • Using the compression slider, you can set the JPEG reduction size
  • Also, you can add custom dimensions (width & height).
  • Finally, you get the Resized JPG Image 150kb file to your computer or mobile device.

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Compress your image to 150kb