Compress JPG Image to 20 KB

This tool allows you to convert image to JPG / JPEG less than 20 KB size online. select your pic and it automatically reduce Photo into 20kb JPEG. Use our free compression tool for compress jpeg image below max up to 20 KB size in online.


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Compress Image to 20kb is a online picture resizer used for reduce the photo to below 20KB JPG. This is one of the best cloud web application for free, and it works on any mobile or desktop browser. It is primarily used to Shrink or reduce the size of jpg pass photo files in job applications, exams, and online application portals to under 20kb. You can directly resize the image to a memory size of up to 20kb without losing image quality. It greatly helps in the compressing profile photos, dp, online form submissions, and competitive examination applications in the 20kb size.

How to compress JPEG to 20kb?

  • First, choose your photo that you want to Convert or Compress JPEG to 20KB size.
  • Our online pic compressor use the latest AI algoritham for reduce your JPG image below max up to 20kb.
  • If you want to resize image to 20kb, enter the width and height.
  • Finally, you save the output file to your computer or mobile device by clicking download button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you make a photo to 20 KB? or How do I convert a JPEG to 20kb?

It's very simple to compress the size of your JPEG to 20kb online. For this, we created this tool, Just upload jpg pic file. This will convert your Photo into a 20kb JPEG image. you may get the lesser file size than it,

Where this tool is extremely useful

Compress JPEG to 20kb is very usufull for Students, studying at schools, colleges, universities and Job Applicants to reduce the size of their photograph and signatures to less than or to 20kb.

Reduce image to 20kb free in online
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