JPG to webp Converter

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How to convert the JPG image to webp online?

  • To Convert the Image to webp, select picture file on JPG to webp converter.
  • your photo extension will changed to Portable Network Graphics format.
  • Finally, download img to your computer or mobile device.

Whats is the JPG to webp Conversion?

WebP is a Google-developed image file format that is intended to replace JPEG, PNG, and GIF files. Both lossy and lossless compression are supported. It will reduce the image size lower than the JPG format with good quality. This online JPG to webp converter will transform the image file format from jpeg into webp.

JPG is a more advanced version of the jpeg format, also known as the Joint Picture Enhanced Group. It is a popular lossy compression method for digital images produced by photography (Camera, Video, Mobile phones).