Instagram Profile Picture Size Converter

Instagram Profile Photos are shown at 110x100 px but actual Picture is saved at 320 x 320 px size.

  • Pick your image file, and it will resize to 320 x 320 px.
  • To save it, click the Download button.

Hint: We recommend to use the Chrome browser.

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Free online Instagram profile pic size converter will allows your to convert or resize your photo files into insta profile picture. This tool will set your images to 320 x320 px insta profile picture instantly. but it shown as 110 x 100 dimensioned image.

How to convert your image size into Instagram Profile Picture?

  • Select the image, on Instagram Profile picture size converter.
  • This will resize the image to a high-resolution Insta profile photo.
  • Finally, save your output image to your device by pressing the download button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the perfect size Insta profile pic?

In Instagram Profile Photos are displayed at 110 x 110 pixels, but the images are stored in 320 x 320 px dimensions. and instagram profile pic is displayed in circle shape.